What's Murmur?

With Murmur, fans actively support your health and wellness work by enrolling in a monthly membership and booking courses with you in a few clicks.

In exchange, you provide them with exclusive wisdom, first access to new courses, and a community to cultivate wellbeing with.

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Who uses Murmur?

Breathwork Instructors

Akashic Records Practitioners

Sound Healers


Tarot Readers

Yoga Teachers

Pilates Teachers

Martial Artists

Mindfulness Instructors


Ayurvedic Experts

Feng Shui Consultants



Shamanic Practitioners

+ More

Why Murmur?

Monthly Memberships

Deliver video and audio content to your loyal supporters and get paid for it. No hidden algorithms or ads standing in the way.

Book Sessions

Our seamless booking platform takes care of logistics for you, with an easy to use, 3-clicks-to-checkout interface.


Say goodbye to calendar invites and client reminders. Our booking tool takes care of that for you, so you have peace of mind that your clients will arrive on time and in the right place.


Whether its discounts, sliding scale, or bespoke pricing for recurring courses, we've got you and your fans covered.


We partner with each of our practitioners to discover new followers that love their work. With our recommendation engine, we help people find the right practices and experts for them.

Premium Analytics

Understand what's resonating with your audience and make data-driven decisions while creating work to support the people that support you.


Your wellness business
made simple

Stop switching between tools for payments, scheduling, bookings, video chat, and marketing. We make it easy to grow your business from one place, designed for wellness practitioners by wellness practitioners.

Nurture your global audience

Enjoy direct, unfiltered conversation with people around the world who love and support your work. What you post is what your fans see, whether they're on-the-go or at home.

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