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We transform stress, anxiety, and loneliness into well-being. Bring friends or make new ones in places where you don’t have to be anybody but yourself.

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On Purpose is back with a dedicated team of 6 wellness professionals to serve as your guide into Autumn. 

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Refresh the Oval Office with Dump Trump Room Spray

Isn’t it time we clear the air?

Dump Trump Room Spray eliminates unconstitutional orders in the Oval Office and lingering odors in your home office.  

50% of the profits from each purchase goes to an organization fighting to keep the 2020 election fair.


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In a Relationship with Plants 🌿

Even in an urban landscape, where there’s a sense of disconnect from nature, we can still awaken a relationship with plants. It doesn’t have to be a jungle. Even a small patch of trees in a local park or one indoor plant can be helpful to our overall health. Plant medicine is grandma’s medicine.

Do Not Disturb 📱

Have you ever thought of the time you spend on your phone as an addiction? What happens when you spend time away from it? As humans, we are more connected now than ever before. We are on our phones every single day, and for the most post, all day long. We are in this world between real life and screens, and screens have won. We use screens as a lifeline.

Are You a Reiki Master?

If we can’t perceive something with our senses, we tend to reject its existence or viability. We forget how limited our senses are and we don’t need to look far to find examples of this truth. If there’s one thing Murmur wants to be known for, it’s fostering a positive community of people and holistic wellness. Time and time again we have watched different practices heal people’s bodies from various traumas but one in particular holds a lot of power, reiki. 


Off Their Plate

Murmur is donating $1 for every newsletter subscriber and up to $2,000 to Off Their Plate, a grassroots organization delivering healthy meals to our brave healthcare workers on the frontline.

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