Umm, what's a wellness pop-up anyways?


You might have heard that we are running wellness pop-ups this summer. And perhaps you wondered ‘what is a wellness pop-up?’ This is a fair question. You might not have seen this type of experience before. So let us help you imagine it.

It is a weekday. You have been in back to back meetings for most of the day. You got an email from your Mom, but you didn’t have time to respond given your work schedule. You are an hour away from being able to break free from work, but the thought of going to a noisy restaurant or bar is overwhelming. Going to the gym just feels like homework, and going home you will just be greeted by old leftovers and laundry.

We made murmur to provide a new kind of coffee break or happy hour. One where the focus is on caring for your body and your mind with quick, affordable, proven treatments like massage, acupuncture, and meditation. We bring the best practitioners to you, and help you understand what treatments might help relieve the symptoms of your stress. And unlike a luxury spa you can experience these treatments in a communal space where conversations are encouraged, so bring a friend or meet some new ones. Things that feel good should be shared.

When we decided to launch murmur we had a clear vision of the problem we were trying to solve: people living in cities are increasingly stressed out and lonely. Stress and loneliness feed on each other, because we often are living far from our families and friends. We work hard at jobs that push us to connect continuously with our work. It’s exhausting. At the same time, we found wellness and self-care spaces catered to the wealthy, or were so local and down market that it required a lot of research to find the good ones.

Daniel and I saw an opportunity to help people make healthier choices for their bodies and minds by creating urban spaces that bring 4 new things to the wellness world:

  1. Affordability—We want you to come here once a week (at least) not once every few months. We price accordingly.

  2. Easy-to-Understand—It takes a fair amount of research and courage to research alternative health practices and then walk into your local shop. We help you by bringing multiple practices under one roof, and simplifying the research required to a few seconds rather than a few hours.

  3. Convenience—Booking weeks in advance is quite candidly bonkers. We have same day booking and drop-in options so that your wellness is possible no matter what your schedule is like.

  4. Community—Human connection makes us happier. We construct experiences that lead to more connections and deeper connections.

Our current spaces are pop-ups, but we will have commercial locations in the near future. So keep be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on locations.

Catherine Spence