Dylan Landon


29, On-Camera Talent & Unscripted TV Producer

Tell us about a time when you felt cared for?

Every time I go home. When I’m at my parent’s house or Leah’s I’m very thankful for the warmth in the households… from the tangible... such as food and tv together, to the blanket of love that is in the house.

How do you provide care for others?

Being naturally concerned with their well-being. I ask people how they’re doing, I tell them nice things about themselves that are true, I do my best to make people feel seen and valuable. But not in a shallow way—in an earnest, truthful, let’s spread positivity and lift each other up type of way.

As a television host your job is talking to people on camera. Sometimes famous ones with big egos. You're a natural at it. Why do people have such a hard time talking to each other?

Thank you! Appreciate that! If people did it more, over time maybe it wouldn’t be so hard? Its shocking when you leave New York City and you see how isolated everyone generally is. The opportunity to engage with others is very limited so its something that hasn’t been bread in our DNA. For me personally, the situation in how we grew up, and my mother’s personality... has set me up with skills that I am grateful for everyday. It’s necessary for my own wellness to engage with others, so it’s become an important life tool as much as going to the gym might be or participating in your hobbies.

Is LA is a lonely place?

LA by design is a lonely place. It’s so isolating. You can go a whole day without interacting with someone if that’s what you wanted. It’s important for us to make the extra effort to be in public, do things, go out, see friends, engage. But we know Alone is different than Lonely... cause alone could be awesome. The movies alone is the best! But Alone, consistently compounded might sum up into Lonely.

What don't older people understand about your generation? 

Older people might associate success with financial stability. And while we definitely do too, our priority is enjoying every day, being happy, and living the life we want to live.

Last guilty pleasure wellness purchase?

Umm… I have an equinox membership. So, I can’t pay my rent, but at least I can take a steam.

Who is a hero of yours? (you can have more than one)

The Rock. Jim Carrey. Robin Williams. Howard Stern. Ryan Seacrest. Justin Timberlake. But when I say The Rock, I mean The ROCK!.. Dwayne Johnson is chill, but nothing compared to The Rock in his WWE prime.

Who is the healthiest Landon sibling? Why?

As long as her emotions are in order - Loni. She’s balanced.

Catherine Spence