Leah Landon


39, Marketing Executive and Workout Festival Founder

Tell us about a time when you felt cared for?

I feel cared for most of the time -  by my higher power and my family.  I am so thankful for the quiet, comforting and soothing knowing that everything will be ok. 

 How do you provide care for others?

 Ha.  well, I love the role of nurturer and giver. I think the best gift I can give others is to be fully present with them and keep my heart open. Simple but not always easy.  On a gross level, I love love love thinking about what others would love and gifting it to them.  I love running a bath for someone, cooking them a meal, sending them a book, tucking someone in at night, giving a good long hug and listening whole heartedly.  My mother showed me a lot of these behaviors.  Osmosis.  

You've organized a workout festival for 5 years? What have you learned about people and fitness?

I love observing culture.  I love witnessing paradigm shifts.  I love watching people.  I love sub culture. Fitness is certainly woven into the cultural fabric of many.  There is a lot of business, connection, transformation, inspiration and love to be had, incubated and birthed in the fitness industry.  My mother was an aerobics instructor in the 80's and ran fitness and aerobics conventions.  I have been a witness (and participant) to it all from then till now.  

 New York. Greatest city in the world. But, no secret that New Yorkers are stressed and moving too fast. You're the wellness fairy. You've got one wish. What's your wellness wish for NYC?

I am a NY'ker born and raised.  The pulse, energy and rhythm of the streets is in my blood and cells.  I thrive in this environment and feed off the frequency and vibration. In recent years, I have certainly learned from others how to slow it down to be gifted the space for choice.  In the stillness, I have awoken. I wish for everyone to embark on their own journey of self discovery and fulfillment. 

You're an executive at a fast-growing food-as-wellness company. If you could go into people's kitchens and help them by throwing one food item into the trash, what are you throwing out?

Boxes, cans, packages.  I figure....as close to the earth as possible is a good rule of thumb.  

Last guilty pleasure wellness purchase?

Forget it.  That's all I spend on for me and others and I do not feel guilty one bit.  I love sharing experiences, treatments, products and adventures. 

Who is the healthiest Landon sibling? Why?

Hahah.  It’s a tie.  God bless our mother who gifted us the ease, natural ability and desire to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves (body, mind and spirit) and others with love and care. 

Who is a hero of yours? (you’re allowed more than one)

Everyone who has changed.  Everyone who has faced themselves.  Everyone who has awoken and reawakens every day.  Everyone who has gone after what they want in life.  Everyone who chooses the person they want to be and makes an effort to embody it.  Everyone who is kind and loving and generous with themselves and others.  Everyone on the path.  

Catherine Spence