Loni Landon


35, Choreographer 

Tell us about a time when you felt cared for?

Since I've been spending more time in LA, I feel very moved with the amount of support I feel here especially in the dance community. It feels good that things are slower and that there is more space and time to create, explore and just be. Also I just went to Wi Spa. Definitely one of my favorite places in LA.  

How do you provide care for others?

When I am working, whether teaching or creating a new work on dancers,  I try to provide a calm serene atmosphere in the studio. My goal is to create a safe  environment where people can connect and share while being their complete selves. Some of my favorite things are connecting people, for work or personal life. I also love sending podcast/articles to friends I think they would enjoy.  

You studied dance at Juilliard. Performed around the world. Are a professional choreographer. Dance is in your blood! Why is dance important for humans?

I dance because it is my way of fully expressing myself. you do not have to be a trained dancer to enjoy dancing. We need to release and get it out. YAAAS. All of the emotion, desires, devotion, passion that is stored in our bodies needs somewhere to go. Dance creates connection, bonding, and sensation all non-verbally, which is something our culture could benefit from. 

Black Swan or White Swan?

BOTH. You cannot be one without the other.

It's not breaking news that artists struggle, often in extreme ways, to take care of themselves. Has that been your experience? Why is that?

Yes. As a dancer I have experienced anxiety, stress, overwhelming thoughts, self doubt, competition, insecurity, rejection and burn out. Woo! Sometimes I would get stuck in this cyclical thought pattern that one does not benefit from mentally, physically or spiritually. 

I discovered meditation when I was performing in Europe.  My friend from Japan taught me a simple breathing technique for performance anxiety. When I came back to the US, I got into vedic mediation which was a game changer. I am inspired to teach young artists about  mindfulness, as its an important tool for being in the present moment while performing and training. Our minds are just as important as our bodies in dance. 

The mind body connection is something we should all be aware of.. from experience, we create the realities in our bodies from our minds. 

You've washed ashore on a desert island. Have one dance to teach the natives before you leave. What do you teach?

Dance party!! No better way to connect, learn and share with a new group of people. 

New York. Greatest city in the world. But, no secret that New Yorkers are stressed. Moving too fast. You're the wellness fairy. One wish. What's your wellness wish for NYC.

To slow down and to learn how not to feel guilty about taking time for yourself. 

Last guilty pleasure wellness purchase?

A nice CBD tincture  - the best!

Who is the healthiest Landon sibling? Why?

Leah will probably say she is but I think we all have different  strengths and weakness. We all learn and inspire each other to try different things. We love discussing our new discoveries like a good yoga teacher, spiritual guru, food, etc.   Foot massage are definitely our favorite. 

Who is a hero of yours? (you can have more than one)

MOM Gilda. She taught from an early age the importance of self care and the power of positive thinking and manifestation before it was trendy. We grew up homeopathic (I didn't know how to swallow a pill until college) listened to self help tapes in the car on the way to school, ate buckwheat, wore leggings and leotards before lulu lemon . She taught us to be leaders and not followers and marched to the beat of her own drum on the streets of South Brooklyn. 

I am also inspired by all the women in dance who are creating, launching new platforms and possibilities for other women to create their own work… and of course Oprah. 

Catherine Spence