Putting the "We"
in Wellness.

Murmur is the only end-to-end wellness platform using technology to create real-life, people-driven experiences. It’s fresh air in a busy world. It’s Airplane Mode for Humans.

Look, we get it.
You want to spend less time running your business and spend more time doing the thing that you love – helping people and watching them grow.

That’s why you got into this in the first place!

We also know that: it’s hard finding consistent clients; it doesn’t feel great working only in high-end spas to pay bills; and it can be uncomfortable treating people out of homes (yours or a stranger’s).

We know this because we’re practitioners too. We’ve been there.

We’re building a wellness company where practitioners are treated like the rock stars you are.

We know how much skill and strength is required to sit with another human and guide them through pain.

This work is undervalued by our culture today. But, not for long.

We’re building the best and brightest team of practitioners and hope this includes you.

There’s dedicated real estate for coffee shops and bars on almost every block in cities. Our vision is to make sure there’s a place dedicated for wellness too. To make that a reality, we’re working with forward-thinking space owners like you.

Yes, you.

“Why wellness in my space?” you ask. Oh, there’s so many juicy reasons. We could put our MBA hats on and fancy talk about passive revenue, marketing channel growth, increased client retention, and lower asset depreciation.

But hey, this is the internet. And we just met. Why don’t we be old fashioned about it and chat?

We’re happy to get into the weeds on what an end-to-end wellness platform is and how it will transform your space and business.

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