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Dump Trump Room Spray

Refresh the Oval Office

$ 35.00 USD

Its been four years. Isn’t it time we clear the air? Dump Trump Room Spray eliminates unconstitutional orders in The White House and lingering odors in your house.

This all-natural aroma is made with premium essential oils and can fill any space with the sweet smell of voters’ rights—50% of proceeds from each purchase of Dump Trump Spray go towards a fair election organization of your choice.

Original illustration and artwork by Bobby Davison

Fair Fight

Fair Fight supports voter protection around the country and encourages voter participation in elections. The organization was founded by American politician, lawyer, and voting rights activist Stacey Abrams, the first black woman to be nominated in the United States for a governor’s seat (Georgia).

Black Voters Matter

Black Voters Matter works to strengthen the political voice of African Americans and to raise the level of Black community involvement in the 2020 election. Increasing voter registration and expansion of voter rights and access are a few of the vital things BVM fights for.

Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign is a leader in the fight for LQBTQ rights. The organization is working in 2020 to elect pro-equality candidates at all levels of government.


You dream of a leader capable enough to meet the gravity of our times.


You demand respect for women, minorities, and the rule of law.


Your neighbor's television is blaring Fox News.

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